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Durham Wildcats refuse to sign…..

David Elderkin from the Durham Wildcats BBL, refused to sign Basketball Player Nathanael Coley Prince.

Being at the bottom of the league, winning only 3 game for the season. Durham Wildcats look to improve there stats by recruit player from abroad. Basketball Player Nathanael Coley Prince was looking for a place in the BBL (British Basketball League) and began looking with the Durham Wildcats. David Elderkin refused to sign Nathanael a tryout or a look see, as David  seemed to be not impressed.

Basketball in the United Kingdom is not as big as basketball in the United States. But players from the United Kingdom are very good competitors and would play every game as if their last. With the lack of help broadcasting basketball game to fan, SKY TV has invested time into the BBL to place the matches on television for most weekends.

SKY TV. “To come first in this BBL, competition is high, all teams need to be in nick condition to entertain the win”.

Newcastle Eagles were crowned 2012 BBL Cup winners on Sunday, beating Plymouth Raiders 115-94 in the final- Please see link for full blog:- http://www.hoopsfix.com/2012/01/newcastle-eagles-crowned-2012-bbl-cup-winners/


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