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It is not’ a Joke…..

Nathanael Coley Prince on Paul Blake’s withdrawal of £8.5 Million from the GB Basketball fund.

The reason why Basketball isn’t big in the United Kingdom is because of decisions like this.

When something is on a trend making a mark to building a bridge to the objective; that is keen on community communication progression. There is always a big hurdle to leap at the end which makes it seem like that we can never reach the finish line.

What will it take for Basketball to progress in England, The United Kingdom, Great Britain. Think about it, these sponsors know that Basketball is a good hosting campaign of the Union Jack. It is the second sporting family next to athletics track and field. Why is it that the board priorities other sports above Basketball and make decision that do not include the people that dedicate their lives in seeding the next star.

I doubt very much that the higher association with Chairmen Paul Blake even know who Jimmy Rogers or Stephen Bucknell are and if they do why was they not included in the 2012 Olympics program if such a big decision had to be made?
To me, though’s two coaches have a firm grip on the basketball community and the players with the community and Basketball players respecting there ways but again why was they not include in coaching with Christopher Finch.
If they did, the players would; I believe have and understood; how to win the overall objective, with similar goals intact.

Every sport is competes with Basketball anytime you hear Basketball other Sports are included Cycling, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis etc. It doesn’t have its own channel it’s like they don’t know what to write about Basketball hear in Great Britain. The game is being bombarded with stress, players undermine there mark because of not wanting to do anything wrong; Just do what your being told; just do what your being told; with that being repeated in there heads. It not real.

The Players are being conditioned to fail that or the opportunity that we are playing for is not the correct window. I mean, come on, I do understand what they are saying with the withdrawal but if there was an audit then you should have given an ultimatum warning; you know like,

If the Great Britain Basketball team do not improve in their platini performance by the time given say Olympics 2016 then we would have to withdraw the funding.

This makes sense. More than them just taking the money and running with it. It give the players something to act upon, build, achieve and work towards even defend against. When they take the money, what are they going to do with it. I would like to know? They probably hide the money in Cycling, Football or Swimming sports, sports with money in it already. There taking the funding and not bequeathed endowing it,
This happen all the time with Basketball in England under the United Kingdom ruling. It sounds fraudulent to me; because look, should the money be used to develop the game in aspects where it may appear to be weak, rather then to just cut the project in mid development and then moving on, to what? That move just don’t make sense’ because, you can’t make sense of it.

That funding was to be used to develop Basketball in Great Britain not to be pocketed, put it back.

Nathanael Coley Prince