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What is Out of Bounds?

Out of bounds is a one on one basketball league, the leagues aim is to make the individual see or markets their own basketball talent either as a streetball or as a basketball player be seen as a artist to the world. Out of bounds is marketed on a level of recognition.

Building a production on your side is a plus this allows the individual to treat the game of basketball as a business on whatever level they begin at because nowadays there’s more to just playing basketball.
Out of bounds is the rights of passage in which you can launch yourself as a individual player or as a team past this check point.

The process is easy it starts with the work that you put in, is the work you put out e.g ideas, ,responsibly timekeeping management even money opportunity such as opening up the employment line via royalty making money by value i.e. iTunes! In Out of Bounds you are your own boss.

Out of Bound is here for you to use: what can you do with it?
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Nathanael Coley Prince