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Nathanael Goes in at the England Coaches and referees

Out of Bounds:

Out Of Bounds has asked Nathanael Coley Prince for an interview on basketball and where he stands in the game,  in this interview we found out that he has decided to take his career into his own hands by becoming a 1 on 1 Streetball/Basketball bout’s player managing his own career and taking basketball to a new level in becoming a free agent.

Over the years basketball has given him the experience needed to excel to where he would like to see him self and to what he believe is fighting for what’s right.


I mean like, I had dreamt of being in the NBA. Playing basketball is a dream and Im no way near where I through I’d be I would say things got to comfortable for me. England Basketball for me is the best in Europa maybe in the world because it is for everyone, EVERYONE!! but I use to wonder why is the game so behind in finance what are we doing wrong in the UK, and it is not that people are not playing basketball because they are. What is it that Football’s doing that Basketball is not!?

Out of Bounds:

He then added


I have never change my name growing up they have called me allsorts of names playing basketball to however they may see my game at that time. in saying that I have even seen myself succeed and fail but this is my point I seen out most coaches/player experiences now witness mine.

Lord is here to stay and my work is what I leave you!

It is important to me what a coach envisions because what they sees can make me or break me I signed up to be a Point Guard that’s what I train to BE!

These day most coaches are not trained fixed I think it is due to there players having a lazy press im not dissing. Coaches be like talking form a political point of view I know more then you, so run faster then that. I be like O.K.

Out of Bounds:

Strong word are spoken, we then asked Nathanael do you think that coaches are doing their job properly and what’s missing


Yes coaches are doing there job’s but it is also what you settle for I should not have to think of this side of things unless that is what the truth is. They should look for the win and the players that help them to the win and to not argue about points but to play for them.

What’s Missing
The referees on the other hand need to understand game control we play to have a good game a great game even but what do they ref for? constantly make decision with out consulting the players, this is a problem!!!

What would be a good idea is if referee’s do blogs on the game introduce the rules and regulations of the game to fanatic, public etc then i think players will have something to play for or play towards.